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Awaken the gods beneath the city

Chthonic Metro Gods is a set of modular, MOSAIC Strict cards for use in any roleplaying game system.

The bridge-sized PDF currently includes three (3) cards including:

  • Symbols: Gather the symbols of the sleeping gods' power.
  • Portents: Watch the skies and determine when the time is right.
  • Rituals: Perform the rituals in order to feel their embrace.

The double-sided, 2.25" x 3.5" cards can be used separately or together. There are no rules that require all three.

An alternate, high-contrast (no background) version is included for improved readability.

What is MOSAIC Strict?

MOSAIC Strict is an experimental roleplaying game design system built on the following principles: Modular, Optional, Short, Attested, Independent, and Coreless.

If all of the above requires are met, then the text can be considered to be MOSAIC Strict. Basically, its a way to make small, modular, bits of text that you can drop into your favorite roleplaying game systems. They don't require other systems or modules, and everything is optional. Check out the Tiny Library MOSAIC Game Jam for more examples.

Chthonic Metro Gods is MOSAIC Strict, but also comes with multiple cards that can (optionally) work together if you'd like.

Note that this is not a stand-alone game. It is a collection of cards to be used within other games.

Updates and additional cards

More cards may be added over time! Collect them all!

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Chthonic Metro Gods is Copyright 2023 Exeunt Press.

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